Grasshopper Lane Communications offers strategic, hands-on, and creative business communications and public relations services to support the missions and goals of companies - regardless of size.

With proven expertise in diverse industries that include healthcare and health information technology, aerospace, and automotive, Grasshopper Lane Communications drives innovative messaging solutions through a broad skills base:

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Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.


Speaking with a universal voice, a sensibility that invites a second glance.


Capturing originality for that one-of-a-kind, unique message.

About Grasshopper Lane Communications

A virtual, Vermont - based company, Grasshopper Lane Communications is founded on three decades of successful, worldwide communications-services experience with some of most prominent companies in the world. These include IBM Public Relations (Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industrial, and Intellectual Property) and United Technologies Corporation, including UTC’s Sikorsky Aircraft, Otis Elevator, Carrier, and International divisions.

The company leverages a broad array of communications formats and disciplines against a sizable and constantly increasing number of relationships with journalists and outlets around the globe.  No matter how broad or how focused your messaging needs, Grasshopper Lane Communications can meet your audiences at precisely the right level and with messaging that captures and advances your strategic goals.