Want to learn more about Grasshopper Lane Communications and what we can do for you?

Grasshopper Lane Communications offers strategic, hands-on, and creative business communications and public relations services to support the missions and goals of companies - regardless of size.

With proven expertise in diverse industries that include healthcare and health information technology, aerospace, and automotive, Grasshopper Lane Communications drives innovative messaging solutions through a broad skills base:
  • Full public relations support, including PR strategy development, press releases, news and feature-article placement, and crisis communications support.
  • Broad and constantly expanding journalist and outlet relationships; tailored approaches to every PR project. Grasshopper Lane Communications offers national and global media research and outreach capabilities.
  • High-level executive communications services, including speechwriting, presentation planning and drafting, and onsite communications support.
  • Strategic messaging development as well as the drafting and placement of feature articles, by-liners, and opinion pieces that take strategic messaging to the audiences that matter.
  • Employee communications, including messaging from senior management to communicate goals, change, business results, and success stories. Grasshopper Lane Communications can also help design and produce employee-focused newsletters.
  • Events messaging and journalist-outreach planning in advance of and at events important to clients.  Support is offered both remotely and onsite as required.

Our Services

Through experience and vision, Grasshopper Lane Communications delivers striking results.

Our dedication to mastering the craft, paired with a unique vision and sensibility, shape all that we do.